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UI/UX Design Matters As Much As Development

We are all eager to start working on an idea that we recently thought of. No matter if you are working with software, websites, or simply developing other types of products, you should always plan before starting to work on your new project. In other words, you need to have a design that will be your guideline for completing your project. Along with all the other benefits, the design will make you more credible and authentic, as the client will see that you have spent time and effort developing it.

A design is something that needs to be a part of a project from its very beginning. UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) design is of absolute importance when it comes to software or web development. If you design before starting development, you will have plenty of time to find out what the users actually want. This way, you will be optimizing the product for the users, and not simply trying to make it work. The optimization can be done in the future too, but just imagine the costs and time it would take to do so. Additionally, by presenting a design to your clients, they can know what to expect and can note changes before you actually start working on the product.

UI/UX Design Saves Money

Before You Design, Consider What Your Developer Will Do With It

When designing before development, keep in mind that your design is what the developer will use as their guideline. Make it in such a way that it can easily be modified in the future to suit your customers’ needs. Future-proofing your application is one of the pillars of a good UI/UX design. Some developers are known to divide their projects into smaller parts and work on them one by one. This way, you can easily make changes to a certain part of the application if necessary. This flexibility is of paramount importance. Not needing to restructure the entire application for a single change can and will be, life-saving in many situations. Different modules can be simply separated and worked on without affecting the rest of the project. For example, here you can check out some examples we have done for our clients.

Before you design, consider what your developer will do with it


UI/UX design has numerous benefits, especially when done before starting development. You have enough time to do the proper research, your product is more user-centric, and the client can see how the key features are shaping up from the very beginning. When you combine the points made above, you get a picture of why designing before developing is so important. These are only some of the benefits that it has. Plan as much as you can before starting to work on the product, and remember, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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